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Jan. 21st, 2008

this is disgusting

004: eyes

[Private to self//Unhackable]

...Green. No pupil, no white. Just green.

Now I see why people were commenting on them. It must've been easy to tell that something was wrong...

...It's irritating, but I'll adjust. This is only a slight imperfection, and they're functional.

I will endure this.


I encourage all of you to be wary of a young man who speaks in heavy, fast-paced slang, as well as another young man who seems to be carrying several chains. They are criminals and guilty of assault.

Jan. 13th, 2008

god's wrath

003: rejection

My apologies if I have been out of touch lately. I was cleaning.

[Private to my counterpart//Barely hackable]

As far as I am concerned: what happened a few nights ago never happened.

I do not know what came over me, but it was not my own will. And the way you handled it... it just further proves that you are unjust.

I am fixing the damage you did.

Jan. 7th, 2008

this is disgusting

002: desire

[Private to self//Barely hackable]


This makes no sense

He's horrible, he's unjust, he turned against Kira!


He was a saint, wasn't he? Kira blessed him with His power, something that he never did for me...

A descending angel of Justice, with crimson eyes like flames and ebony hair and a perfectly toned body and he is perfection


I am not that weak.


[Private to my counterpart//Barely hackable]

...May I meet with you?

Dec. 27th, 2007

god never paid

001: dirt

The dust has returned in the time I was asleep. I was coated in it.

Oct. 22nd, 2007

god never paid

oo4: fallen

[Private to self]

Calm down calm down there will be justice dealt for this someday soon. God had always delivered justice for you why would that be different here after he's done this?

but I did not resist as much as I should have I let it happen and

and he is Teru Mikami, he is me, and we are the same in some way and...

which of us would be judged?


We desperately need a way out. I would rather not remain here for any longer.

Oct. 17th, 2007

god's wrath

oo3: chosen

[Private to the other Mikami]

How dare you.

Oct. 3rd, 2007

god never paid

oo2: saint

[Private to self]

...I am still having difficulty understanding all that transpired.

He is me. He is Kira. He is Kira's servant. He is a saint, an angel. He is chosen.

why him why not me we're the same

I will have to talk to him more. I want to figure out where I went wrong...

...and here, he is the closest I can come to God.


Has anyone had any luck in finding a way out?

Sep. 30th, 2007

utter shock

oo1: mysterious ways

Ah, so these are for communication. I have no idea who there is to communicate with, but it is worth a try.

So, for anyone else here: Where am I?

Is this maybe a sign tha Why would this be a sign? I need to get a hold of myself. God would not show himself by teleporting me to a bedroom. Would he maybe he would God moves in mysterious ways ...no.

...I would like to return to my apartment, I believe. The floors are far too dusty here.
god never paid

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